All the tools you need in one simple place.

Experience a revolutionary way to keep track of everything happening with your investment property. Our virtual property manager ‘Trudi’ is available 24/7 to instantly perform the majority of your requests. Rely on our experienced team to do the rest.

Smart rent payments.

Get notified as soon as your rent has been paid. Trulet processes rent payments immediately, meaning you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to get your money.

Proactive Messaging

Stay in control without the stress. We’ll message you straight away with any property updates or tasks that require your approval or attention.

Everything in one place

Every document and conversation about your property stored in one place, forever.

Tax time made easy

Generate End of Financial Year reports with just a few taps.

Maintenance made easy

Discuss, approve and pay for any property maintenance via the app.

Digital signatures

Sign and store all your legal documents online. Have new lease agreements and other forms signed immediately.

Online property listings

Easily advertise your property on and Capture your property looking its best with a Trulet marketing package.

Know your options

In app tenant applications give you full exposure across tenant applications, vetting and shortlisting.

Backed by a team of (awesome) humans

Our team of professionals are available 24/7 to handle any tricky situations or physical tasks like inspections and open homes.

The automation era

We’ve taken the entire rental journey and automated everything possible. For the most part, this means that we have simply streamlined communications, creating a highly efficient way to manage properties for the future.

Welcome to a new era in property management.

Machine Learning

AI predicts and improves performance over time.


Infinitely more efficient than a human.

Neural Networks

Deep learning and embodies cognition.

Multi Skilled

Property manager, accountant and more.

Take a look for yourself

Get Started and we’ll give you access to the Trulet app where you can chat to our team and experience a new way to manage your investment.

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