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Transferring to Trulet

Most investors don’t realise that they can transfer the management of their investment property at any time. In fact, legislation only requires that you provide your current agent with 30 days termination notice. We can help you with all the tricky stuff. All you need to do is get started.

Get Started

No commitment.
Give us a few basic details so we can get you set up in the Trulet App.

Put your mind at ease

Take a look around the app.
Chat to us about your specific requirements.

Transfer Your property

Help us complete a Form 6 so we can notify your old property manager that you’re switching to Trulet.

Onboard your tenant

Once everything is confirmed, we’ll get your tenant set up on the Trulet app too.

Take a look for yourself

Get Started and we’ll give you access to the Trulet app where you can chat to our team and experience a new way to manage your investment.

No cost. No commitment.

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