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Collection of rent

 Our automated system ensures tenants receive reminders should their rent payments fall behind. Our rent payments clear within 48 hours, meaning no more waiting each month to receive your money.


 All maintenance jobs are logged via our app from tenants and attended to in a timely manner. You as the landlord will be given an option to opt to repair yourself, use your own preferred tradesman or we can recommend our trusty tradesman to do the work on your behalf.


 We understand that routine inspections are a vital part of managing an investment property and we ensure that inspections are carried out every 3-4 months to keep on top of any maintenance issues and to make sure the property is well kept. Once our property inspectors have completed the inspection you will instantly receive a report along with photos and a list of any outstanding issues.

Filing & Reporting

All documents in relation to your property are stored in our app and are easily accessible. Generate your own custom statements instantly in the Trulet app.

Lease Renewals

Our system has reminders set up to manage lease renewals. You will receive a notification advising that the lease is due to expire in 2 months and we will ask if you are happy to offer the tenant a new lease and also advise you if the rent should be increased so it coincides with the current rental market.

Competitive Market Analysis

We understand that the market fluctuates and often rent prices change. We can offer you a free Comparative Market Analysis upon request so you have peace of mind that you are receiving the best possible income for your investment property.

Smoke Alarms

We like to ensure that all our properties are compliant with state legislation, so we cover the cost of an annual smoke alarms program.

Bond Inspections

As any agency we will carry out a bond inspection at the end of the tenancy once we are notified that your tenant is vacating. Once keys are returned the inspection will be carried out within 24 hours and a report sent to you once we are satisfied that the tenancy can be completed.

Open Homes & Inspections

Should your property become vacant or if you are starting fresh with Trulet we will conduct open homes and also carry out private inspections should they be required. Feedback from these enquiries will be filtered back to you via the app.

Trulet App

Full access to the Trulet app where you can instantly access all the essential information about your investment property. See everything in one place including, conversations, documents and financial reports.


Whether you are a tenant or a landlord Trudi is always available to assist should you have any questions or encounter any problems.

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